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Mad Dog Crack Fix: Stabilizing Primer

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Crack Fix is the best way to fix cracks from recurring on new, existing and failing surfaces. Crack Fix helps projects last 2-3 times longer than traditional, paint primer product systems. Permanently fixes cracked and peeling surfaces. Use on wallboard, plaster, stucco, masonry, wood and other surfaces. For interior/exterior use.

The Patented adhesive formula adheres to substrates with unparalled grip. The primer remains permanently flexible and breathable while it expands and contracts as the substrate flexes with the seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. This ensures a paint job that endures 2 to 3 times linger than traditional primers.

Is designed to be used on plaster or stucco for cracks caused by settling. Clean out loose material from the crack, work the product into the crack and allow to set. Repeat if necesarry to build up the material. Cover with tape, skim-coat, and then the finish. 

Crack Fix can be used on wallboard, plaster, masonry, concrete, stucco, and wood.


  • Available in quarts, gallons
  • 35% solids by volume
  • 200% elongation
  • 140 sq ft per gallon @ 4 mils dry (11 mils WFT)
  • Interior/Exterior use
  • Apply by brush, roll, or spray 
  • Back brush for best results
  • Re-coat time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Dries white and tacky to the touch
  • 200 + PSI adhesion
  • 100% Acrylic latex formula
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • <48 g/L VOC

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