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Paint Line Pro Drying Rack - Door Spray and Dry Series (PSDRID)

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Paint or refinish interior doors quickly and easily with the Interior Door Spray & Dry Series (PSDRID). Single operators are now able to paint multiple, full-size, interior doors in a confined space. 

Doors rotate on a foot-operated turntable as they rest on spikes to expose the bottom-edge and allow spraying of all sides of the door from a stationary position. Custom VClips attach at the hinge pocket to not only stabilize the door, but also lift a wet door to move to the drying area.  Heavy duty plastic bases attach to the bottom of the door with wood screws to enable the door to stand on its own and to nest closely with other doors of various widths and heights minimizing drying space. The PSDRID includes components for 20 interior doors (with additional 10 door add-on packages), which makes it perfect for most residential projects where all interior doors need to be finished or repainted. Additional components are available to expand the number of doors to suit your project.

When coupled with the new Portable Jobsite Spray Booth Extension with XL Liners, you won’t need to cover the walls and ceiling - just spray inside the taller booth and eliminate worry about overspray.


  • Single operator
  • Handles up to 20 doors with additional 10 door add-on package for larger jobs
  • Minimizes space required for spraying and drying
  • Spray entire door from a stationary position
  • Works with various widths and heights of doors*
  • Works with hollow or solid core doors
  • Door contact point is only ½" by 1 ½" at the hinge pocket
  • Portable for easy transport & storage with the included carry bag
  • Eliminate the need to seal the entire room when spraying when coupled with our Portable Jobsite Spray Booth Extension and XL Liners (both sold separately)
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Turntable and door support arm
  • 20 VClips with wood screws
  • 40 plastic door base supports with wood screws
  • Hand grips for moving wet doors
  • 1 overspray guard set
  • 2 carry bags (1 for the turntable, 1 for the door base supports)

Best Practices

  • Insert then rotate the hand grip on the VClip side before lifting the wet door off
  • Add 2-3 plastic door base supports depending on the size and weight of the door

*The PSDRID is designed to work with most interior doors, both hollow core or solid, that are 28"-34" wide and approximately 80" maximum in height. This is not a hard limit, but exceeding could result in less than optimal performance.

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